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vdV Consulting legal recruiting background

 Passion for Your Career 

vdV Legal Recruiting

  • vdV Legal Recruiting is a Miami-based legal recruiting firm driven to help clients succeed — placing partners and associates in the positions that best meet their needs and goals.

  • With extensive connections in BigLaw and quality area firms, vdV Legal Recruiting prioritizes a deeply vested hands-on approach to help candidates succeed.

  • vdV Legal Recruiting is a boutique firm that closely partners with candidates — from defining their objectives and pre-interview prepping, to post-placement follow up — to find their best suited position in BigLaw and quality area firms.

  • vdV Legal Recruiting leverages an extensive client network and a bespoke methodology to match candidates with positions that help all parties thrive.

The vdV Methodology

We believe that worthwhile achievements are purposefully and exactingly created. Nowhere is great attention to detail more important than in ensuring the right match for a candidate’s professional future.


At vdV Legal Recruiting, you have a partner with your best interests in mind and the know-how to bring them to fruition. We take a deep dive into your needs and objectives, reaching out to firms that most optimally align with them.


Our personal connections with managing partners at both BigLaw and quality boutique firms together with our understanding of their unique culture, allow us to thoroughly prep you for the recruitment process. We’ll provide you with talking points, conduct mock interviews, and support you every step of the way.

Once you have the position, we’re still there for you. Building trust-based relationships that stand the test of time is an integral component of the vdV difference.

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